Basic Step By Step Skincare Routine For beginners

Basic Step-By-Step Skincare Routine For beginners


The basic pillars of beauty are makeup, skin, hair and body. And if you maintain your skin care routine every day with its simplest and most basic forms, you can observe how flourished your skin becomes. It is beyond gender and skin tone divisions. Each and everybody should maintain this. Even men should also take care of their skin by following basic skin care routine. (Also Read: Five Most Effective Skincare Tips For Men)

So, here is the basic skincare routine to follow:

Skincare for beginners:
If you are looking forward to the basic skincare routine, then it can be considered that you may be a beginner to do this. So, let me tell you what will be its benefits. There is nothing more important than cleaning and taking care of your face and skin. It helps to hold your makeup for a long time and it definitely helps you when you are without makeup. So, by both ways it’s importance is huge. You should start your beauty routine with a basic ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ routine.

First, Cleanse:
We all know that keeping our skin clean is the most important step for any skincare routine. If your skin is full of dirt and pollution, then what is the point of doing makeup and making it look better? Hence, the first step anyone should do is cleaning the face. Pick a cleanser based on the exact skin type. If you have normal skin you can choose any of the face washes written normal skin. For oily and combination skin choose an oil free facewash and there is nothing to talk about people with dry skin. Choose a moisture base cleanser. (Also Read: Amazing Natural Face Toners For Glowing Skin)

Second, tone:
Toning is extremely important for oily and normal skin. But if you have dry skin then skip this step. Actually, a toner helps to get rid of your excess oil and from the skin and clears pores. But make sure your toner is alcohol-free otherwise it affects the skin badly by making your skin too much dry. Apply the toner on your face gently. Do not wash if off after applying.

Third, moisturise:
Moisturising is not only for dry and normal skin, it is mandatory for oily skin too. Even if your skin is greasy enough. If you drink enough water, very less of it reaches to the last layer of the skin. So, it is utterly important to use a moisturiser. If you have normal skin, pick a day cream which works better. When it comes to combination or oily skin, get a gel formulated moisturisers which will not provide any greasy look. And do not forget to pick a moisturiser which has SPF more than 25. (Also Read: Here’s why regular face cleansing is necessary)

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