Avoid these mistakes to keep your skin healthy in winter

avoid these mistakes to keep your skin healthy in winter

To look beautiful and attractive, you should keep your skin healthy by taking care of it. But people keep repeating some mistakes while taking care of the skin so that the colour of the skin gets pale and the skin becomes unwell. In fact, in winter your skin needs different care than summer, for which you should change your method. (Also read: Grooming mistakes that men make during winter and know how to fix them)

Let’s know what mistakes people make in connection with skin care during winter.

Using same products

The beauty products used in the summer are not worth to use in winter. In this regard, the products should be changed. So if you are using the gel moisturizer, then change it to use Mild Moisturizer because the mild moisturizer provides extra moisture to the skin. (Also read: How to fight the beauty problems during winters)

Do not apply sunscreen

People think that the sun’s rays in the winter are less harmful and therefore do not use sunscreen. But harmful UV rays are equally detrimental to summer as well as winter, so use sunscreen before leaving home.

Bath with hot water:
avoid these mistakes to keep your skin healthy in winter
The majority of people avoid cold water in winters.  The people take a bath with hot water due to which skin loses its natural moisture. So do not use too much warm water in the winter and do not take shower with lukewarm water for more than 10 minutes.

Use petroleum jelly on lips

People use petroleum jelly to moisten the dry lips in the winter, but by using it, your lips immediately become humid, but in reality, it makes the lips drier. Use a creamy moisturizer instead.

Consumption of more caffeinated substances

To avoid cold and to keep the body warm, people start consuming caffeine-rich substances such as coffee or tea. But using more of it can cause skin dehydrate and also skin related problems.(Also, read: How to keep your lips beautiful and soft naturally)

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