What mistakes to avoid while applying moisturizers

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avoid mistakes applying moisturizers

Moisturizer is required in every season to keep the skin hydrated. The moisturizer is necessary during the winter season because in this season the skin becomes dry and dull. It is very necessary to keep the skin hydrated to maintain the health of the skin. You should also take care of some things while applying moisturizers, otherwise, your skin looks dull even after applying the skin moisturizer. (Also read: How is black tea beneficial for both skin and hair)

Let us know what mistakes you make while applying moisturizer.

Applying moisturizer on dry skin

Apply Moisturizer on moist skin instead of dry skin. Because when the skin is moist, the pores are open which absorbs the moisture and helps keep the skin hydrated for long periods of time. Therefore, use it on the moist skin immediately after the bath so that the skin remains hydrated for a long time.

Do not use moisturizers on oily skin

It is believed that the oily skin does not require moisturizing and the skin becomes more oily. But moisturizer is very important to keep every kind of skin hydrated. If the skin is oily then you can use an oil-free moisturizer. (Also read: What are mistakes women make while applying lipstick)

Use Moisturizer as a cream under the eyes

Moisturizer should not be used under the eye. This skin is quite sensitive and with the smell of moisturizer, you may also have irritation in your eyes.

Applying foundation after moisturizer

If you apply the foundation immediately after applying the moisturizer, then the foundation does not spread well on the face. Therefore, apply the foundation 15 minutes after the moisturizer is applied, which makes the skin completely hydrate after which the foundation is well spread after your foundation and the makeup remains for a long time.

Using excess moisturizer

Moisturizer should not be used for a large amount. If you have to use it in excessive amounts it means that you are not using a high-quality moisturizer. Using a good moisturizer in small amounts is enough. Therefore, apply moisturizers on the skin which is of good quality.

Applying Moisturizer only on face

It is not enough to just apply moisturizer on the face. It should be applied to every part of the skin i.e. on every part of your body. By which the skin stays hydrated. (Also read: How To Get Rid Of Dark Lips Naturally At Home)

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