How To Avoid Hair Damage From Ironing And Blow Drying

How To Avoid Hair Damage From Ironing And Blow Drying

Who does not use straightening/curling irons and blow dryers to style their hair? Blow driers help the hair to get dried off easily and that is why people have immense need to use this product. Not only this, these days people either curl or straighten their hair to get amazing hair effects. Hair ironing is too much into fashion. No matter this is for office, party or any casual look, people iron and blow dry their hair massively. But, we hardly care about the harm these things cause to the hair. In fact, these things can permanently damage hair proteins. Hence, we have come up with some amazing tips which will help our hair stay protected during these styling. (Also Read: What Are The Vegetables Help Your Hair Grow Instantly)

Use hair protective cream before doing these styling:
When you apply the heat to your hair, the naked hair becomes softer and breakable. But, if you apply the cream which protects your hair from heating, the heat cannot reach to your hair. There are a lot of brands available in the market which produces hair protective creams.

Buy good tools:
If you are buying the hair ironing or blowing tools, do not go for the cheap options. These cheap tools do not have regulators which manage the heat. Other than that, the iron plate used in these tools are prone to dusting which can be harmful more to your hair texture. Hence, go for the little expensive tools which will not cause your hair any problems. (Also Read: How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster Naturally)

Understand your hair texture better:
If your hair to too curly, do not use the straightening iron regularly to your hair. It will harm the texture permanently and make the hair breakable. So, first understand your hair texture and do these stylings.

Never forget using a hair conditioner or a mask after wash:
Hair conditioners and mask have the capacity to make your hair get the protein back again. But if you use regular hair styling products, the protein production gets hampered and makes your hair lifeless and dull. So, whenever you wash your hair, do not forget to use these protein forming containers.

Do not use hair setting gels or sprays:
Do not use hair gels and sprays excessively. These products contain a lot of chemicals which are harmful to your hair. If you so these styling once in a while then you can use these gels. But if you are a regular user of irons or blowers, stop using hair setting sprays. (Also Read: What Are The Ways You Can Stop Premature Greying of hair)

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