How to apply the hair serum correctly to have smoother hair

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How to apply the hair serum correctly to have smoother hair

Nowadays markets are flooded with a lot of hair care products. The serum is one of the most important and popular hair product. It helps in detangling the hair to make them easily manageable. Besides this, it even helps in bringing back the lost shine and glow of the hair. Using hair serum helps to shield the hair from getting exposed to Sun rays directly. A little bit of hair serum is essential to maintain the glow and lustre of the hair. Besides this, it also solves the problem of dry and frizzy hair. One must know how to apply the serum correctly to avoid any blunder. (Also read: Which nuts help to get glowing and younger looking skin)

How to apply the hair serum correctly to have smoother hair?

Choose the right product: Before applying the product, one must make sure that the product is right. There are a variety of hair serums available in the market. So, you have to make an ideal choice according to the need of your hair. Don’t just blindly pick any hair serum.

Wash your hair properly:
Always wash your hair first before applying the serum on them. It helps in nourishing the hair properly. The prime purpose of the serum is to protect the hair from dust, dirt, pollution etc. Thus, one should wash off the hair properly to get rid of the dirt residing already on the hair. (Also read: How to get a better skin complexion in just few days)

How to apply the serum in the right manner?

Either towel dry your hair or slightly damp them. Depending upon the length of your hair take some drops of hair serum. Don’t overtake it. A few drops are enough to make the hair smooth. Rub the serum on the palms and slide your fingers downwards into your strands. Slightly flip your hair to the other side and do a gentle massage. This will help to give a bounce to the hair.

Make sure you don’t apply the serum on your roots. Apply it to the length and the tips.Besides this, never apply the serum on dry hair. To get better results try using the same brands of shampoo, conditioner and your hair serum so that they can work as a complete hair care therapy. (Also read: What are the various do’s and don’ts to have a beautiful natural skin)

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