How to add volume to your hair instantly

How to add volume to your hair instantly

When you preparing for an event or a function all you want is perfect hair. However, dull and flat hair can instantly bring down your hair as well as your look. It is not always possible to find a hairstylist to fix your hair and get the voluminous hair. It is important to know that there are some simple hair tricks that can help you to get the perfect hair look. These tricks can revolution your hair care routine and look. So, let’s find out how can you add volume to your hair instantly. (Also read: How to get the perfect curls at home)

Change your parting style
Most of us have a favourite parting style, that means your hair fall on that side naturally. So, over the time, the hair turns flat and lack volume. So, simply flip your hair to the opposite side to get a different look and add volume to the hair.

Blow drying
Simple and effective way to add volume to your hair is blowdrying them. Take a round brush and blow dry your hair at the same time. It will make your hair look rich in volume. (Also read: How often should you shampoo your hair)

Teasing the roots
Teasing the hair roots is an age-old method to add volume to the hair. Simply collect the hair at the crown your head, and start backcombing the roots. Then brush the hair with your fingers. This way you will end up with perfect voluminous hair.

Dry the hair upside down
The important part of getting the perfect hair is working with the roots. Another way of adding volume to your hair is drying your hair upside down. Take help from a blow dryer and get the right look.

Sleeping in buns
If you are thinking about waking up with amazing and voluminous hair. Then, simply twist your hair in a bun. Make sure your hair is damp and towel dried hair.  (Also read: How to turn a bad hair day into a good one)

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