5 reasons that are causing dark circles under your eyes

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5 reasons that are causing dark circles under your eyes

Dark circles under the eyes can completely ruin your well-groomed appearance. It changes the look of your face from young and youthful to tired and lethargic. Usually, people believe that lack of proper sleep is the reason for the bags under your eyes. However, that is not entirely true. While a healthy and peaceful sleep is must for maintaining the skin under your eyes healthy, other factors play an important role too to make dark under eye. It is important to be aware of all of them to maintain the bright eyes and youthful look. [Also read: Basic Step By Step Skincare Routine For beginners]

Lack of iron
Iron plays an important role in maintaining our good health. It carries the oxygen to the cells. If you are iron deficient, there will be a lack of oxygen in the cells, which leads to dark circles. This can be solved very easily by adding the green vegetables to your regular diet.

Crying is a surprising reason for dark circles. However, it plays a role in causing the dark circles. It makes the eyes lose its natural moisture. Which in turn affects the skin under the eyes. [Also read: How is coffee useful for hair]

Usually sleeping is considered as a miracle worker for eyes bags but an excess of anything is harmful. The Same thing happens with sleeping, oversleeping leads to dark circles as it causes the fluid accumulation around the face. Eventually, It leads to dark circles.

Too much exposure to the sun
Sun rays are often really harsh to the skin. It might not appear right away but too much outing in sunlight can cause dark circles. Sunlight triggers the level of melanin in the body, making the skin dark. This causes the dark circles as well.

Excessive salt intake
Consuming salt is a tricky business. If you consume too little of it can cause a health risk. However, too much intake of the salt can cause fluid retention. This fluid retention leads to dark circles. [Also read: How To Stop Yourself From Popping Pimples]

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