Honey and lemon helps to have flawless skin.

Acne on face: Amazing honey and lemon mixture to get rid of pimples from face

Acne on face: Acne or pimples on the face is one of the most common problems among most of the people. Excessive heat, dirt, pollution, poor skincare etc. causes pimples or acne on the face and the other parts of the body. Thus, instead of using chemical based products, we must use honey and lemon to get rid of acne immediately.

Some foods reduces the problem of sunburn

Sunburn: Which foods help to reduce sunburn

You can protect your skin from sunburn by consuming some healthy foods. These food contain nutrients which prevent skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Apart from this, it also provides coolness to the skin, relief from irritation and itching caused by sunburn.

how to make rose water at home naturally

Beauty Tips: How to make rosewater at home

Homemade Rosewater: Due to the amazing properties present in rose water it can be used for the eyes, skin and hair. Rose water is available in the market, but you can use it easily make it in the house.