what are the myths about consuming supplements

What are the myths about consuming supplements

The consumption of supplements helps to repair the damaged muscles after a workout. There are many types of supplements which help to achieve the fitness goals. Though there are many benefits of consuming supplements still there are many myths are surrounding the supplements that should be debunked.

Which Foods Can Detox Our Skin Naturally

Which Foods Can Detox The Skin Naturally

Do ever think about detoxifying your skin? It is an essential step to have a healthier lifestyle. After a long exposure to the pollution, dirt, sun and other harmful substances, your skin deliberately needs detoxification otherwise it starts reacting by creating dark spots, patches, pimples, acne etc.

How Green Apples Can Help In Weight Loss

How Green Apples Can Help In Weight Loss

We all eat a green apple but hardly know it’s benefits. When it comes to losing weight, we mostly prefer to choose fat-free and light food. Unfortunately, we miss many potential foods which are actually helpful in losing weight.

sunscreen used winter

Why should sunscreen be used in winter

People feel that there is no need to apply sunscreen in the winter season, but it is not so in the winter season you also need to use sunscreen. It protects the skin from damage caused by UV rays

surprising use of petroleum jelly to make many things easy

Surprising benefits of petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is not only beneficial for skin only but also for other parts of the body. Its main ingredient is petroleum which helps in providing moisture to the skin and also removes dryness.

workout plan to lose two inches of belly fat

Workout plan to lose two inches of belly fat

Losing the belly fat can be a difficult task. People work hard and adopt many methods to get rid of belly fat. Unfortunately, the people are unaware of 20 minutes workout which helps to lose 2 inches of belly fats.