which things are stopping you from losing weight

Which things are stopping you from losing weight

It is mandatory to shed extra pound on the body to stay fit. In this regard, people put efforts to lose weight. They practice exercise, stick to the stern diet plan, fasting and other things to lose weight.

What are the benefits of doing yoga barefoot

What are the benefits of doing yoga barefoot

These days, a lot of people are practising yoga as they are becoming health conscious. However, not many people know that yoga must be performed barefoot. When someone performs yoga barefoot, the benefits of doing yoga multiplies, making your strong and healthy.

How is potato beneficial for hair and skin

How is potato beneficial for hair and skin

The peels of potato, potato juice, potato slices all are beneficial to maintain a good health of our hair and skin. It even helps to lighten the skin tone. The list of the benefits of potatoes is a never-ending one.

How To Use Honey To Get Rid Of Acne At Home

How To Use Honey To Get Rid Of Acne

Honey can reduce your acne with all its anti-oxidant properties and simultaneously soothes the skin from its core. It is great to reduce your stubborn acne. You just have to know the techniques to apply it according to your skin type.

perfect guide make face cleanser home

A perfect guide to make face cleanser at home

If you want to take extra care of skin then you can make facial cleanser at home, which is skin friendly. These facial skin cleanser not only cleanses your skin dirt but also provides skin nutrition. It will not harm your skin.

what happen to your body when you exercise regularly

What happens to your body when you exercise regularly

The majority of people practice exercise due to its endless benefits. There are a number people practice exercises according to their fitness goals. If you are not practising exercise then you must practice exercise regularly as it makes you fit and healthy.

which yoga pose improves immune system

Which yoga poses improve the immune system

The yoga not only provides physical health benefits but also brings mental peace. The yoga has various postures which practised according to the goals. There are few yoga postures which help to improve the immune system. The immune system is body’s natural defence system.