World AIDS Day: Some facts you should know

world aids day some facts you should know

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Around 2.08 million (20.9 lakhs in 2011) are living with HIV/AIDS in India. India has estimated third highest people living with HIV in the world.

As per reported by Deccan Chronicle, out of the total an enormous 86% of whom were in 15-49 years age group. “Children less than 15 years of age accounted for 7% (1.45 lakh) of all infections in 2011. Of all HIV infections, 39% (8.16 lakh) were among women,” report said.

“The HIV epidemic in India is concentrated, with high prevalence among high-risk groups (i.e., Intravenous drug users, sex workers, men who have sex with men and transgender people), moderate prevalence among bridge populations,” says Dr Satish Chandra, Advisor to Credihealth.

Three primary routes of HIV transmission in India

  1. Unprotected sex
  2. Injecting drug use
  3. Unprotected anal sex between men.

Why is an AIDS Vaccine important?

Vaccines are powerful public health tool and have proven to be the world’s most effective and cost-effective preventive mechanism.

The 70% effective AIDS vaccine is able to reduce new infections right by 40% in just first 10 years. Then it moves to 50% in its first 25 years.

Globally, about 36.9 million people reported being living with AIDS, in the year 2014. (Source: UNAIDS)

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