World AIDS Day: AIDS’s effect on woman on fertility

World AIDS Day: AIDS's effect on woman on fertility

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AIDS (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a deadly disease. It has various effects on the person’s health. The effects include the effect on the fertility. As per a report by World Health Organisation (WHO) the transmission rates of HIV virus from mother to the offspring range from 15% to 45% as reported by the Deccan Chronicle.

However, the important thing is that this rate can be reduced to below five percent. If one remembers to go for adequate treatment during the cycle of pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding The main form of treatment during these problems is antiretroviral treatment. In the words of Dr Priti Gupta from the First Step IVF Clinic “Prior to the initiation of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), the prospect of parenthood raised a number of issues for people with HIV. This included a high risk of transmission to a partner and to the infant as well. A woman with HIV may suffer from serious PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) as the immune system is weakened. So, it’s better to prevent AIDS rather than treatment for fertility,”

The woman who is HIV positive is more vulnerable to an anovulatory cycle and amenorrhea. An anovulatory cycle and amenorrhea mean complete absence of a menstrual cycle. Also, an HIV positive woman faces other problems tress, weakened immune systems, weight loss and the possibility of various sexually transmitted diseases.

Women under the antiretroviral therapy face complications with pregnancy often. However, now with HAART, a lot of HIV-positive women can choose to have safe vaginal deliveries. The vaginal delivery option is only good better for the women who have been getting the proper prenatal care and the viral load is less than 1,000 copies per ml at 36 weeks of pregnancy.

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