Being unsocial can boost your creativity: Study

Being unsocial can boost your creativity: Study

According to researchers from the University at Buffalo in New York, there is surprising news for creative people. People who are anti-social are more creative. Often people speak of the importance of socialising and establishing social contact. However, being antisocial might have a positive impact on your creativity

The Lead study author Julie Bowke of this interesting study said: “We have to understand why someone is withdrawing to understand the associated risks and benefits.”

There are individuals simply enjoy alone time, simply working, surfing the internet, reading or pursuing some hobby.

Many types of research and studies in the have shown that being antisocial leads to a negative effect on the person. However, this study has shown a different side of being antisocial that is creativity as reported by ANI.

The researchers further added that “Although unsociable youth spend more time alone than with others, we know that they spend some time with peers. They are not antisocial. They don’t initiate interaction but also don’t appear to turn down social invitations from peers”

The Lead study author Julie Bowke added that “Therefore, they may get just enough peer interaction so that when they are alone, they are able to enjoy that solitude. They are able to think creatively and develop new ideas – like an artist in a studio or the academic in his or her office,”

The study 295 people revealed their different reasons for not participating the social affairs, as reported by the New Indian Express

The study not only showed the connection between creativity and social life. It also shows that there is a positive link between shyness and anxiety sensitivity.

The study was published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences

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