Tulsi Leaves Can Cure Various Ailments Naturally: Reveals Expert

Tulsi Leaves Can Cure Various Ailments Naturally: Reveals Expert

Tulsi is popularly known for its medicinal properties. It has super healing power and it is an inexpensive herb. Across the Indian subcontinent, Tulsi is seen in almost every household. And it is a natural remedy for a majority of diseases, according to Acharya Bal Krishnan of the Haridwar-based Patanjali Ayurvedic group. He also added that it also has the potential to increase life expectancy.

According to the ANI reports, Acharya Bal Krishnan said, “Tulsi with its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties is used as a natural remedy for viral infections, strengthening immunity, reproductive system, cardiovascular system and combatting and treating various hair and skin disorders, common health and lifestyle-related issues.”

Some of the health benefits of Tulsi leaves he has listed:

Swelled Teeth: To get rid of a toothache take Tulsi leaves and a tablet of pepper, keep it below the ailing teeth. It is also very useful for throat related problems and for swelled teeth add some Tulsi extracts in lukewarm water, rinse your mouth with the mixture. One can add Sendha salt as well in the mixture.

For Body Strength: Take 40 grams of crystal sugar and 20 grams of Tulsi seed and make a mixture of both. During winters having this mixture will prevent gastric problem and cough. And to strengthens the mind and to enhance the immune power of the body Tulsi should be taken regularly.

Snake Poison Treatment: Take 5-10 ml of Tulsi leaf extract and give it to the patient. And pour the extract through nostrils if the patient is unconscious. And make a powder of the mixture of extracts of Bandhu, Jeeva, Bhangari and Kali Tulsi roots to give relief to a patient through its smell if the poison has impacted the head (brain).

Malarial Fever Treatment: Intake Tulsi leave-based tea every three hours for cure.

Intestinal Fever: Take ten tulsi leaves and one gram of Jyavitri make a paste and mix it with honey for instant relief from a cough.

Fever due to a cough: Take five cloves, 21 nag tulsi dal, 500 ml of ginger extract, filter it well and add 10 gm of honey, heat the mixture. Daily intake of this mixture can give you relief from such fever.

Impotency: Take Tulsi seed powder and its root powder in equal quantities. Intake one to three grams of the mixture with cow milk.

Leprosy: To cure leprosy intake 10-20 ml of Tulsi leaf extract every morning. Take Tulsi leaves add lemon juice and make a paste of it. And for eczema, leprosy, and other such diseases take Tulsi leaves and make its paste in lemon juice, apply it over the affected area.

Leucoderma: Make a mixture of Tulsi leaf extract, lemon juice and Kansaudi leaves and store it in copper pot in sunlight for 24 hours. For better results apply the mixture to the affected parts.

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