Taking Aspirin During Pregnancy Raises The Risk Of Cerebral Palsy In Babies

Taking Aspirin During Pregnancy Raises The Risk Of Cerebral Palsy In Babies

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During pregnancy, mothers who have consumed aspirin, their babies may be at more than double the risk of developing cerebral palsy. According to a new study, published in the ‘International Journal of Epidemiology,’ mothers who took aspirin during pregnancy their babies were more likely to develop the life-long and incurable condition.

Whereas babies those who were exposed to Paracetamol were 30 percent more likely to develop overall cerebral palsy and there is also 50 percent chance to have it on one side. And the study showed, Ibuprofen had less or no impact on the babies.

Cerebral palsy is caused due to abnormal development of the brain or due to brain injury. It occurs while a child’s brain is still developing – during birth, immediately after birth or before birth.

The neurological disorder destroys the ability of speech, movement and posture, vision and learning abilities of a cerebral palsy affected child. According to the researchers, the crucial time for brain development is in the middle stage of a pregnancy and intaking aspirin during this time raises the risk of cerebral palsy in babies.

Drugs such as aspirin and paracetamol could raise the toxic conditions in the developing brain and cause permanent damage to the brain. It could also damage the normal level of a mother’s hormones which is needed to regulate brain development.

The researchers from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, said, “The safety of these drugs now needs to be further evaluated and women should be further cautioned about their use in pregnancy.”

According to the News18.com reports, for the new study, the researchers have examined 1,85,617 mothers and their babies. Almost 5,000 of the women took aspirin and a similar number took ibuprofen. And for taking paracetamol while expecting almost 90,000 has been admitted to the hospital.

The researchers found 357 babies going to develop brain-related problems. And few babies were at the higher risk of developing cerebral palsy on both sides of the body those who born to mothers who took aspirin during pregnancy.

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