Sleep tracking devices have made the sleep even worse: Study reveals

Sleep tracking devices have made the sleep even worse: Study reveals

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With a lot of development in science and technology, tracking sleep and activity throughout the day is a new achievement. However, the question is are these applications actually helping you out? Well, the answer is No. A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine were examining people who use sleep tracking device. As a result, the sleep trackers failed to improve the quality of sleep. It makes the people obsessed and due to overanalyzing nature, they end up spoiling their sleep.

These sleeping and activity trackers give stats on your sleep and activities throughout the day. They give you a detailed stats about your sleep, type of sleep, duration of sleep, what time you wake up and much more deep analysis. However, it makes the person too conscious about that 8 hours sleep, that they end up getting disturbed.

According to Curofy, India’s social media network of doctors, 1 in every 5 Indian suffers from a sleep disorder, quotes The Times Of India. Thus, the increase in the use of such applications has also increased. But to be honest, these applications are bringing more harm than any good. They are making people lazier and obsessive about their sleep.It is also seen that if a person fails to sleep for 8 hours, he/she struggles to be active the next day and is stressed up for not having sufficient sleep, as reported by TOI.

Thus, instead of switching to sleep improving devices, people should make changes in their lifestyle to ensure proper 8 hours sleep to stay healthy and fit.

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