Scientist might have found a cure for Leukemia

Scientist might have found a cure for Leukemia

The scientists in Stanford have finally identified a molecule that might help to cure leukaemia. Leukaemia is the most common kind of cancer in children.

This therapy way is quite similar to CD19-targeted chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy or better known as CAR T-cell therapy. In the CAR T-cell therapy, the cells are modified genetically to target the molecule known as the CD19. CD19 is on the surface of the cancer cells as reported by the Deccan Chronicle.

As per the study published in journal Nature Medicine, this therapy got its approval from US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is approved for some types of the dreaded blood cancer.

In this therapy, the patients’ T cells are genetically modified to target different molecules called CD22, as explained by the scientists at the Stanford University in the US.

This way of treating the cells is helpful as the cancer cells of the few patients who went through the CD19 actually targeted CAR T-cell therapy, and they stopped expressing the CD19 molecule on their cell surface.

The important thing to remember is that CAR T-cell therapy depends on the patient’s T cells, that is his own. CAR T-cells are a kind of immune cells that can turn into a powerful killing machine, as reported by Deccan Chronicle.

The study included 21 patients and 15 of them weren’t able to respond to the anti-CD19 CAR T-cell treatment. Despite the lower dose, one of the six was able to achieve complete remission after the treatment using the anti-CD22 CAR T cell.

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