Samosa is better and healthier than burger: CSE report

Samosa is better and healthier than burger: CSE

According to the report of Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) released on Monday, ‘Samosa’ the Indian junk is stated to be better and healthier than ‘Burger’ for an individual. Samosa is healthier because it is free of additives, flavourings and preservatives and it is made with fresh ingredients. Maybe samosa is loaded with calories but it is largely made of chemical-free ingredients. For making samosas ingredients such as boiled potato, refined wheat flour, peas, vegetable oil or ghee and spices are used.

On the other hand, a burger consists of chemical preservatives, antioxidant and acidity regulator along with refined wheat flour, edible vegetable oil, yeast, salt, vegetables, cheese or potato patty and mayonnaise.

Basically, samosa is declared to be the healthiest because it is made of chemical-free ingredients, unlike burgers.

Similarly, the study also focused on other Indian foods such as poha that are made with natural ingredients. The report also stated that fresh juices are healthier as they are a mix of fruit and water and better than canned juices and noodles which consists of humectants, thickeners, synthetic food colours and added flavours.

According to the Hindustan Times, the report titled Body Burden: Lifestyle Diseases said,“Fresh food contains none of the chemicals present in ultra-processed food.” The survey conducted by CSE revealed high consumption of High in Fat Salt and Sugar (HFSS) packaged foods and beverages can adversely affect the body and thereby we must avoid consuming such foods.

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