BRICS scientists plan nanotheranostics for simultaneous cancer diagnosis, treatment

Brics scientists plan nanotheranostics simultaneous cancer diagnosis treatment

The time between diagnosis and therapy for cancer patient will be shortened as the three BRICS countries including Russia and Indian, plan to begin a project that uses the benefits of nanotechnology to simultaneously join both diagnostics and therapy in one package for treating cancer.

Termed as nananotheranostics, it is emerging as advanced nano-medicine that helps to customise treatment for the patient.

Nanotheranostics is going to allow tracking drug delivery, movement of the drug as well as therapeutic responses. It will enable treatment strategies to be modified according to changing needs of the patient.

“Nanotheranostics may help to save millions of lives, ensure earlier diagnosis, cheaper treatment and better quality of life of the patients,” Igor Nabiev, Laboratory of Nano-Bioengineering, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), the project’s Russian co-ordinator, told IANS here in an interview.

Nabiev said the idea is to develop biodegradable nano-sized vehicles which would be loaded with anti-cancer drugs and/or radioisotopes used for cancer imaging (through SPECT and PET) and treatment.

“It has just been submitted in India, it will be submitted on November 28 to BRICS secretariat and Brazilian funding body, and by November 30 deadline to Russian Foundation for Basic Research,” informed Nabiev.

“The total cost for this first stage of the three-year-long project which should demonstrate the proof-of-proposed-principle is nearly 150,000 USD per year.”

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