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marriage relationship may save

Marriage, relationship may save you from dementia and memory loss

Those who married were more than 30 per cent less likely to suffer from the condition than those who remain single. The reason behind this is simple: Interaction of a loving relationship helps keep the brain active and reduces the risk by a third, India Today reported.

Mental illness may be passed to the next generation: study

Mental illness may be passed to the next generation: study

It has been found that Mental illness associated with early childhood difficulties may be passed from one generation to another. The adults’ behaviour reflected their trauma which led to epigenetic changes(chemical alterations in gene expression) without making a change in the DNA

drugs in indian markets are safer

‘Drugs in Indian markets are safer’

WHO claims that medicines and medical products available in India are safer than what is available in the American and European market. The growing global trade in medicines has also opened door to drugs, vaccines and other medical products that do not meet quality standards.

Another victory to prevent Dengue

Another victory to prevent Dengue

Research reveals only one vaccine can prevent Dengue as of now according to their study on animal bodies. however, the vaccine that can fight all four strands of dengue is yet to develop.