One Should Not Use Cotton Buds To Clean Ears: Experts

One Should Not Use Cotton Buds To Clean Ears: Experts

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‘Cleaning ear with cotton buds can cause infections’ It may sound bizarre, but it is a fact that cleaning ear wax with cotton buds can trigger infection.The cotton buds push the wax present in ear down close to the eardrum and ear canal. It may cause ear infections, Daily Mail reported by quoting the report of National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) committee.

The committee also warns using of ear syringes for cleaning ear wax. But they have suggested a better alternative for ear cleaning that is ear irrigation.

And the committee said not to use cotton buds for ear cleaning because it is the most common type of plastic waste that is found on beaches.

According to the Daily Mail reports, the committee said,”The general advice given is not to insert anything into the ear canal as it is self-cleaning and the only cleaning needed is to gently wipe the conch of the external ear with a damp flannel over a finger.”

Director of the centre for guidelines at Nice, Professor Mark Baker said, “Our draft recommendations can help improve care for people with hearing loss through better management of earwax and referring people with symptoms to the right service at the right time.”

Katherine Harrop-Griffiths, consultant in audiovestibular medicine and chairman of the guideline committee said,”Ear drops should be used to soften the wax, either immediately before or for up to five days before the procedure.”

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