Mouthwash Daily May Increase the Risk of Diabetes: Research

Mouthwash Daily May Increase the Risk of Diabetes: Research

Daily use of mouthwash can be harmful to your body. You must be thinking that you have been taking good care of your oral dental health but in a way, you are putting your body at a great risk of many diseases. A recent study reveals that the daily usage of mouthwash twice a day may increase the risk of type-2 diabetes in the body. The use of anti-bacterial fluid in the mouth may also cause the death of beneficial microbes present in the mouth which protects the body from various other conditions, NDTV reported by quoting the study by US researchers of Harvard School of Public Health. The study also reveals that those who use the mouthwash twice a day are more likely to develop the problem of diabetes or blood sugar spikes within the time period of three years. Besides this, while you are in the misconception of maintaining good oral health, you are actually risking your other health conditions.

However, the study by the researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health also claims that the antibacterial present in the mouthwash washes off all the essential bacteria as well. They do not target the specific bad bacteria and kills the healthy ones too. To make it more clear the team from the Harvard School of Public Health, observed 1206 obese people between the age of 40-65 years. All of them were possibly the patients with diabetes. When studied deeply, it was found that around 17 percent of them developed diabetes or pre-diabetes as they were using a mouthwash once a day while those who were using it twice a day were almost 30 percent of them.

It has to be noted that the presence of healthy bacteria protects our body against obesity and the risk of diabetes. Thus, in order to maintain a good oral hygiene, a person should eat healthy, brush their teeth twice a day and drink plenty of water to wash off the bad bacteria from the mouth.

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