Medanta Hospital Gurugram Charges 17 lakh But Could Not Save a 7 year Old

Medanta Hospital Gurugram Charges 17 lakh But Could Not Save a 7 year Old

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As reported by The Financial Express, Medanta hospital Gurugram is again in news for overcharging a sum of Rs. 16 lakh for treating a seven-year-old boy. The account calculations of hospitals actually need to be analysed, as they are charging a heavy amount from the patients. Recently Fortis Hospital was in news for charging Rs. 15.6 lakh from the family of a boy who was diagnosed with dengue but died eventually. The seven-year-old boy diet at RML hospital after his stay at Medanta for 22 days. When his condition showed no improvement, the boy was shifted to RML hospital where he took his last breath. The child was admitted to Medanta’s ICU and was charged Rs. 17 lakh.

It has to be noted that a Mamta Banerjee had laid strict guidelines to the medical institutions in order to be careful towards the patients. No harassment towards the patient and the family members will be tolerated. While a research was going on in these hospitals many unfavourable conditions came up that are not at all healthy for the patient and their family members. “We have received complaints that some medical establishments are indulging in practices which are unacceptable. The price of one medicine is charged multiple times in the bill. Some hospitals are charging exorbitant bills “Patients have also complained that they were admitted to ICU without a strong reason. These practices should come to an end,” quoted The Financial Express when CM Banerjee had said earlier.

In Fortis Hospital, when the JP Nadda intervened and took out a detailed report of the happenings, it was claimed that the parents of the child were informed on the daily basis about the bill and the charges of the treatment. According to the report, there was no negligence from hospital’s end and the treatment was appropriate too. “We understand the angst of the aggrieved parents but would like to assure all and the family of the child that there has been no medical negligence or overcharging towards the care of the child as is being misrepresented in the social media, said the report, quoted by The Financial Express.

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