Marriage, relationship may save you from dementia and memory loss

marriage relationship may save

If you are in a relationship or if you are married and you have crazy fights and arguments, then it keeps you at a lower risk category for neurological diseases like dementia and memory loss.

Those who married were more than 30 percent less likely to suffer from the condition than those who remain single. The reason behind this is simple: Interaction of a loving relationship helps to keep the brain active and reduces the risk by a third, India Today reported.

The marriage helps both the partners in a wedlock to lead a healthier lifestyle, including exercising more, eating a healthy diet, smoking and drinking less, all of which have been associated with the persistence of a reduced risk of dementia, the report was attributed to the study, published in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.

“The researchers are not saying that marriage is the antidote for dementia”, A clinical psychologist and the head of the Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences at Fortis Healthcare Dr Kamna Chibber told India Today.

“When we are looking at marriage, we’re basically looking at two individuals who are able to look out for each other. They’re able to manage everything from their physical health and food to companionship. And these are the things which can help individuals keep themselves healthy, physically and mentally. That is the key component,” she says.

“This can also happen if you stay in a joint family. If you stay with your extended family, or your grandkids, you’ll see a similar sort of support system,” Dr Chibber says, adding that “I understand where the research is coming from, but the key component is to have someone, a lifelong companion.”

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