Maggi Again Fails Lab Test: Found Having High “Ash” Content

Maggi Again Fails Lab Test: Found Having High “Ash” Content


Makers of our favourite maggie, Nestle India Limited Wednesday denied a report said that it does contain harmful ashes. Some samples of Maggi are found “contaminated” by food safety officials in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur district as reported by NDTV. For this guilt, Nestle India Limited has been fined Rs. 45 lakh wherein its distributors have to pay the fine of Rs. 17 lakh by the district administration.

This is not the first time they found guilty, previously, in June 2015, the food regulator FSSAI had banned Maggi because they were found adding “unsafe and hazardous” materials in their taste mixtures. After this, Nestle relaunched Maggi with different packaging and safe preservatives in November 2015.

Maggi Again Fails Lab Test: Found Having High “Ash” Content

Nestle India spokesperson said, “We strongly reiterate that at no stage of the manufacturing process, ash is added to Maggi noodles,”. He further added, “While we have not yet received the order passed by the Adjudication Officer, we understand from the information available that the relevant samples are of the year 2015 and the issue pertains to ‘Ash content’, as reported by NDTV.

As this confliction is still had no solution, you can avoid eating Maggi noodle just to maintain your safety. Yeah, it may be difficult avoiding these amazing snack, but as there is a report stated, it’s up to you to sure of your health.

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