Legal Notice By KMC To Saurav Ganguly For Dengue Larvae Found In House

Legal Notice By KMC To Saurav Ganguly For Dengue Larvae Found In House

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The Kolkatta Municipal Corporation decided to send a legal notice to India’s former cricketer Saurabh Ganguly. The reason being the discovery of dengue mosquito larvae in his house. According to a report by The Indian Express, an official reported that KMC decided to send a notice to Saurabh Ganguly after his brother Snehashish was diagnosed with Dengue. He is currently undergoing a medical treatment. The breakthrough of dengue larvae in Saurabh Ganguly’s house has become a cause of concern. According to the recent survey, the death toll of dengue has reached 35 in West Bengal since the beginning of the year. There has been a difference in the unofficial reports which says the number has reached 50 until now.

“We have found larvae of dengue mosquitoes at Ganguly’s residence in Behala during our inspection on November 19 and had asked them to keep the place clean,” as told by Atin Ghosh, KMC Member, Mayor- In-Council (Health), reads The Economic Times.

A senior official confirms the same report to PTI that Saurabh Ganguly’s brother Snehashish Ganguly has been admitted to hospital on Wednesday and is undergoing treatment. According to Atin Ghosh, the Mayor-in-Council, KMC member, also states that “So, as per rules, we will be sending a notice to them (Gangulys),” He also added that the platelet count of Snehashish was around 1.68 lakh, however, his condition is better.

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