India among 15 countries have highest number of malaria cases: WHO

India among 15 countries have highest number of malaria cases: WHO

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A report by World Health Organization (WHO) said that last year in India only eight percent of malaria cases were diagnosed which accounted for six percent of the 216 million new cases globally. Among 15 countries which accounted for 80 percent of all malaria cases in the world in 2016 India was the third on the list according to the WHO’s report.

According to the PTI reports, in India, the surveillance mechanism was so weak that it detected a mere 8 percent of Malaria cases as per as the report. The report also stated, “Countries with weak malaria surveillance systems include India and Nigeria, two major contributors to the global burden of malaria, with 8 percent and 16 percent of cases, respectively, detected by the surveillance system.”

Followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria had the most number of malaria cases which accounted for 10 percent. Followed by India, Mozambique had four percent of global malaria cases.

Last year India witnessed a total of 331 malaria deaths and that was the highest number of deaths to the disease in the Southeast Asia region.

The report stated, “Odisha, the highest endemic state of India, reported an increase in cases in 2016 (to double the number in 2013). The other countries had no major outbreaks reported.”

Malaria deaths in India were only lower than those in WHO’s Africa region where the figure soared to 33,997 for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In the world, there were an estimated 445,000 deaths from malaria in 2016 and in 2015 the estimated deaths were 446,000.

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