ICMR made it mandatory for all clinical trials to report back to them

ICMR made it mandatory for all clinical trials to report back to them

The Indian Council of Medical Research made it mandatory to report them back the result of any clinical trials. ICMR even decided to get all the results of these trails first to them, regardless whether they are published in the peer-reviewed journals or not. The Clinical Trials Registry of India (CTRI) is run by The Indian Council of Medical Research. The investigators now have to mandatorily register on the trials because recently ICMR realised that it has no information on trial outcomes. So, they made it mandatory to track the results, reads Indian Express.

As reported by Indian Express by quoting ICMR DG Dr Soumya Swaminathan, “A lot of times when the results are negative, especially for trials that are funded by pharmaceutical companies, the data is never made public. It is only the positive results that are made public or published in Peer-Reviewed Journals. It is obviously easier to get the latter published but we think it is important for ICMR to be informed about the outcome of trials. So investigators will have to within a year of completion of a trial come back and inform the registry about the outcome. We will implement it from April 2018.” Mr Swaminathan.

Indian Express reads about the fact, that there is no exact data on which basis the percentage of Indian trials is getting published every time. But, only 50-60% trials make it to the pages of Peer-Reviewed Journals. If any date can be taken as a standard, the result would mean a large number. Unfortunately, this large number of Indian trials happen every year without any information about the outcomes. Thus there are no traces of any negative result of the trials.

So, finally, ICMR not only mandated the result distribution but they will instead blacklist those that do not comply. Dr Swaminathan further said, “That would mean the next time they come for a grant or for a registration they would not get it because they are already on the blacklist.”

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