High intensity workout accelerates your memory: Study

High intensity workout accelerates your memory: Study

Not all exercises are only made to lose weight. Some of them can be great for your mental health too. According to IANS, quoted in the study published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, High-intensity workout is great to accelerate not only your weight loss but it can also boost your memory. While the study was happening, they almost experimented six weeks of intense exercise in volunteers. The final result was released positively and it has seen that there are some significant improvements. These positive changes are known as high-interference memory. This includes minor memory analytics which done by them and usually impossible for those who do opt exercises.

“Improvements in this type of memory from exercise might help to explain the previously established link between aerobic exercise and better academic performance,” said by Jennifer Heisz, the leader of the study, Assistant Professor at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. These findings are important for everyone as this study experimented on young adults and they actually got an elevated memory after the experiment as reported by IANS. “At the other end of our lifespan, as we reach our senior years, we might expect to see even greater benefits in individuals with memory impairment brought on by conditions such as dementia,”- she further added to her statement made for the study.

Researchers even measured the association between aerobic fitness, memory and neurotrophic factors before and after the study protocol according to IANS. So, why not initiate a few workouts every day to not only stay fit physically but mentally as well.

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