Heartburn may be sign of stomach cancer

heartburn may be sign of stomach cancer

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If you have been facing frequent heartburn it may be the symptoms of stomach cancer, which is also known as gastric cancer.

The majority of times stomach cancer is diagnosed at an advanced stage as the symptoms are rarely delectable at an early stage, Deccan Chronicle reported quoting Express.co.uk.

A burning sensation when swallowing, feeling full after eating small amounts of food and painful tummy or sternum are other symptoms of stomach cancer.

Apart from this, feeling constantly out of breath and blood in your stool and persistent indigestion are also signs of the condition.

People who are more likely to develop the condition are men, smokers, and people of Asian, South Africa or Belarusian and is most common in people over 75.

Eating a lot of salty foods and meats also increases the risk, as well as alcohol abuse and not exercising.

Cancer can begin in any part of the stomach, but treatment can change depending on where a tumour is, and how big it is.

The main treatment methods include chemotherapy, chemoradiotherapy, biotherapy and surgery.

Smaller tumours can be treated with surgery while larger ones may require a combination of a number of treatments.

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