Garlic Can Fight Against Chronic Infections: Study Suggests

Garlic Can Fight Against Chronic Infections: Study

A study suggests that garlic can help you to fight against chronic infections. In the pungent vegetable, an active sulphurous compound is present that is ‘Ajoene’. It helps to break down a bacteria’s defences when combined with antibiotics.

According to the ANI report, garlic compound is able to destroy major components in the bacteria’s systems, which involve regulatory RNA molecules as per as the researchers from the University of Copenhagen. And the new study has focused on ajoene’s ability to retrain small regulatory RNA molecules in two types of bacteria.

A research group headed by Professor Michael Givskov has focussed on garlic’s effect on bacteria since 2005. In 2012 they showed that the sulphurous compound ajoene found in garlic is responsible for the effect and gradually they got to know that garlic extract is able to restrain bacteria. And in the journal Scientific Reports the findings have been published.

Earlier studies have also shown that garlic can fight against bacteria. The active garlic compound also damages the so-called biofilm, the protective slimy matrix surrounding the bacteria. And the body’s own immune system and antibiotics are able to attack the bacteria more directly when the biofilm is destroyed or weakened to fight the infection.

Assistant Professor Tim Holm Jakobsen from the Costerton Biofilm Center at the Department of Immunology and Microbiology said, “We really believe this method can lead to treatment of patients, who otherwise have poor prospects. Because chronic infections like cystic fibrosis can be very robust. But now we, together with a private company, have enough knowledge to further develop the garlic drug and test it on patients.”

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