FSSAI May Restrict The Label On Food That Reads Fresh And Natural Food Products

FSSAI May Restrict The Label On Food That Reads Fresh And Natural Food Products

According to a recent report by Hindustan Times, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), is drafting a notice to the food firms to prohibit using false advertisement labels like fresh, natural etc. on food items. Well, we all know it is a false claim by the firms. “We are coming out with this draft notification to stop misleading ads and claims. It had been in the pipeline for some time to ensure people are not fooled by the name of a natural and fresh food,” quoted Hindustan Times as the FSSAI CEO Pawan Agarwal confirms.

According to the reports, the word fresh will not be entertained on the food products which contains additives and is processed. Such food will not be considered as fresh or freshly stored or packed. The word ‘Fresh’ will only be labelled on food which has not undergone any process except making its consumption safe like washing, peeling or refrigerating. There should be no alteration to the food product.

Along with it, the label Organic should be specifically used for food that is actually Organic in nature. Pawan Agarwal, the CEO of FSSAI also states to the newspaper that,“Our aim is to benefit consumers and promote food that is safe for consumption. There should not be any misleading promotions.”

Besides this, the word Natural should be only labelled on the products that are derived from plants, animals, microorganisms. There should be no chemical and preservatives must be added to the food. What all can be done naturally like roasting, blanching, freezing, sterilisation etc which involves no chemical treatment should be categorised as Natural.

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