Eating disorder can lead physical and psychological health issues : Research

Eating disorder can lead physical and psychological health issues : Research

If you are suffering from eating disorders, it may lead to a long-term physical and psychological health issues. By creating a side effect it may let you suffer from huge body weight and poor psychological state of mind as reported by Times now by quoting the study published in of the Journal of European Eating Disorders Review. An eating disorder is actually consequential and often fatal illnesses which causes severe disturbances. When it happens the person behaves unconventionally in his eating habits. Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder can be included in various types of eating disorders.

The researchers examined more than 4,900 young and teenage men and women by questioning them about their eating behaviour, weight, health and psychological well-being. The result was shocking because the commonness of the lower psychological well being among them was found. Not only this, the lower self-evaluation of health also discovered as reported by Times now.

As reported by NDTV by quoting EEDR, this eating disorder can lead you to higher body weight, waist circumference and noticeably low psychological well-being. “Disordered eating is detrimental to the physical and mental health of young adults both in the short and long-term,” Warned by Ulla Kärkkäinen, the researcher at the University of Helsinki in Finland. “Previous research has established that low psychological well being and a poor self-evaluation of health are predictors of higher susceptibility to physical illness and mortality. To mitigate these long-term negative effects, we must recognise disordered eating early and direct sufferers to treatment,” Kärkkäinen further added.

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