‘Drugs in Indian markets are safer’

drugs in indian markets are safer

photo credit: artrex.vn

World Health Organization (WHO) agency claimed that only 2 percent of medical products in south-east Asia including India were substandard against a global figure of 10.5 percent.

The agency claims that medicines and medical products available in India are safer than what is available in the American and European market, Hindustan Times reported.

The report released on Tuesday claimed that the nearly 10.5% of the samples collected by WHO’s Global Surveillance and Monitoring System for substandard and falsified medical products (GSMS) between 2013-17 failed quality test.

In the past spotlight has largely been on lifestyle medicines such as slimming tablets, the WHO findings show that everything from cancer medicines to contraception, antibiotics to vaccines faces a quality problem across the world.

“There is clear evidence that resistance to the most important antimalarial medicine, artemisinin, first appeared in a part of the world where at one point between 38 and 90% of the artemisinin medicines on the market were substandard or falsified,” says the report.

Nearly 1,500 cases from across the world, including India, were reported to the surveillance team. The magnitude of the problem could be bigger as not all countries reported cases.

The growing global trade in medicines has also opened door to drugs, vaccines and other medical products that do not meet quality standards and are even toxic at times.

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