Childhood Cancer survivor have a higher chance of developing hypertension

Childhood Cancer survivor have a higher chance of developing hypertension

Cancer survivors are known for their bravery and courage to fight that really fatal condition. However, even with time, they might have to face difficulties and health issues. According to a recent study in Washington people, who have survived and won against cancer are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure issue when they are adults. This problem is more prominent in obese men.

The author of the study Todd M. Gibson from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee stated: “High blood pressure is an important modifiable risk factor that increases the risk of heart problems in everyone.”

The research has put forth the issue that high blood pressure problem has a more adverse effect on the childhood cancer survivor who faced cardiotoxic therapies such as anthracyclines or chest radiation.

The team of researchers included 3,016 adults in there study. The results showed that childhood cancer survivors have 2.6 times more chance of having the problem of hypertension. The problem of hypertension increases over time, as the study shows that at the age of 30 the 12 percent survivors had the problem hypertension. At the age of 40, 37 percent had the problem of hypertension; and by the age of 50 more than 70 percent of survivors had the problem of hypertension.

In the words of Gibson “The good news is that, unlike prior cancer therapy, high blood pressure is a modifiable risk factor,”

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