CCMB, IARI develop rice for diabetics

ccmb Iari develop rice diabetics

Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and Indian Council of Agricultural Research (IARI) have developed a variety of rice which will reduce ill-effects of diabetics. As per a report in Deccan Chronicle, the developed variety of rice is known as Improved Samba Mashuri (ISM). The rice with low glycemic index (GI), results in slow release of glucose into the bloodstream. The consumption of rice with low glycemic index reduce the ill-effects of diabetes. The rice is being cultivated in 1.3 lakh hectares in TS, AP, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu and UP.

CCMB director Dr Rakesh Kumar Mishra and chief scientist Ramesh Sonti said the total value of the produce was estimated at Rs 1250 crore with a bacterial blight resistant trait value of Rs 250 crore.

“ISM in addition to possessing desirable attributes like high yield, fine-grain type, bacterial blight resistance, premium market price etc. also has a unique advantage of low GI, thus enhancing its market potential and profit earned by farmers,” they said.

Dr Sonti said that ISM was popular with farmers in areas where bacterial blight was endemic.

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