Around 21 million worldwide are getting the access of HIV medicines

Around 21 million worldwide are getting the access of HIV medicines

The good news is, almost 21 million people now have the access to reach to the treatment of HIV. According to the report of United Nations agency leading the global push to end AIDS, the life-saving antiretroviral medications has increased by ten million worldwide in recent days. The best part is, noticeable progress has been made for the people living their life with HIV and demanding their rights, financial commitments.

“Many people do not remember that in 2000 there were only 90 people in South Africa on treatment,” claimed by Michel Sidibe, executive director of UNAIDS. “Today, South Africa has the biggest life-saving treatment program in the world, with more than 4 million people on treatment…, This is the kind of acceleration we need to encourage, sustain and replicate.” ” Sidibe added this to his statement about the study.

As reported by Medicalxpress, a new report also said that because of the reach of HIV treatment, more people with HIV are now receiving the medicines and other facilities worldwide. The ratio of the survivals of HIV is increasing and they are keeping well too.

This UN research also says that the transmission if the AIDS-causing virus is up to 97 percent less likely spreading from them who are sticking to the antiretroviral treatment these days. Moreover, the treatment is now available to pregnant women. So the observation is, the children born with HIV is dropping massively.

Although the number of challenges still remain, the report confronted. But, still, the progress has overcome those challenges. Hopefully, we all can gradually be able to eliminate the HIV from this world entirely.

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