Another victory to prevent Dengue

Another victory to prevent Dengue

Picture credit: ScienceDaily

According to the researchers, there is no specific medicine or vaccine that can protect the human body from all four strains of Dengue. We believe that this ICGEB designed vaccine is a game-changer,” Navin Khanna, who leads the dengue vaccine research at ICGEB, said on Monday, as quoted by Hindustan Times. The researchers stated that this development of the vaccine had been very complicated. The impact of the virus on the body of the victim is more grave for the second time the virus attacks. There is a single strand of RNA virus that breeds inside the victim(human body) and makes a more severe dengue infection when it hits the body for the second time.

Currently, the only dengue vaccine recommended by the World Health Organization is Dengvaxia, developed by Sanofi Pasteur, reads Hindustan Times. A lot many other kinds of research have been going on in India as well. According to which Indis will begin clinical trials on the human being from 2018 and by 2019, it is believed that India will successfully have a vaccine for dengue. Besides this, the ICGEB research is supported by the Wellcome Trust, India’s department of biotechnology and the Indo-US Vaccine Programme and their result is yet to be announced.

The researchers are trying their best in India as well to find out an effective vaccine which is pocket-friendly for the patients too. Besides this, they are also trying to deal with the effect of dengue vaccine on human bodies.

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