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eye contact baby may boost communication skills

Eye contact with your baby may boost communication skills

Babies can learn communication effectively if you make eye contact with them as it synchronises their brain waves. The group level activity of million neurons, which are involved in information transfer between brain regions is reflected by brainwaves.

obese people are prone to dementia study

Obese people are prone to dementia: Study

Obese people are prone to dementia than those with a normal weight. In research it was observed that each five-unit increase in body mass index (BMI) linked with 16-33 percent more risk in this condition, Indian Express reported.

World AIDS Day: AIDS's effect on woman on fertility

World AIDS Day: AIDS’s effect on woman on fertility

As per a report by World Health Organisation (WHO) the transmission rates of HIV virus from mother to the offspring range from 15% to 45%. However, now with HAART, a lot of HIV-positive women can choose to have safe vaginal deliveries.

heartburn may be sign of stomach cancer

Heartburn may be sign of stomach cancer

A burning sensation when swallowing, feeling full after eating small amounts of food and painful tummy or sternum are other symptoms of stomach cancer.Apart from this, feeling constantly out of breath and blood in your stool and persistent indigestion are also signs of the condition.