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When does pregnancy begins?

When Does Pregnancy Begin?

Some women can experience pregnancy symptoms as soon as they conceive whereas, some take three to four weeks time. Listed below are some signs which can tell beginning of the pregnancy.

3rd week of pregnancy find out what happens during this week

Know What Happens During The Third Week Of Pregnancy

At the third week, the embryo is at the ‘morula’ stage, and can best be described as a spherical mass of cells that are actively multiplying. Since it is the early days of pregnancy, you need not quit your job or take a leave. You can also continue any normal activity until the doctor advises to stop or alter it.

What Is Lactational Amenorrhea Contraceptive Method

What Is Lactational Amenorrhea Contraceptive Method

Lactational amenorrhea is a natural contraceptive method for females which requires breastfeeding of their child to avoid pregnancy. The reason is, breastfeeding interferes with the hormones possible for ovulation.

What Are The Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Sex Life

What Are The Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Sex Life

A large number of the population consume alcohol but they aren’t aware that this intake of alcohol is hitting on their life at a slow pace. An alcohol is a depressant which slows down the nervous activity and the sexual performance.