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Navratri Special: How Hawan helps us both in spiritual and scientific ways

Navratri Special: How Hawan Helps Us Both In Spiritual And Scientific Ways

Hawan is one of the highly practised spiritual methods in Hindu culture. In order to eradicate the inner and outer impurities from the surroundings, people usually perform yagya or hawan. It is one of the most pious forms of religious practices. It not only helps us in finding a close connection with God but also helps to cleanse the environment and create positivity all around.

Navratri Special: Health benefits of eating Kuttu (buckwheat) during fasts

Navratri Special: Health benefits of eating Kuttu (buckwheat) during fasts

Kuttu ka atta or Buckwheat is a highly consumed food product during the Navratri fasts. It helps to provide energy to the body and helps to keep us healthy. It is a great source of essential minerals and nutrients. Kuttu ka atta can be moulded into many food products to eat while you are observing a fast.

Navratri Special: How does fasting help to detoxify the body

Navratri Special: How does fasting help to detoxify the body

Detoxification is a mandatory step. While you are observing fast, you are already halfway to detoxify your body. Thus, in order to make it worth a count, let’s discuss how can you make your Navratri fasting a good detoxifying period. It is necessary to remove all the toxins from the body and stay fit. However, you should eat and drink right to stay fit during this period of nine days.

Navratri Special: Amazing lunch options while you are fasting

Navratri Special: Amazing lunch options while you are fasting

The nine days of Navratri fasting is a crucial period. Those who are observing fasts, always find it hard to make a choice of what to eat. Dishes made from Kuttu ka atta and Sabudana are very healthy but only a few people know the wide range of items that can be made from them.

what are the signs of asthma in baby

Asthma in Babies: Which signs show that the baby has asthma

Asthma in Babies: Asthma is a very common allergy that occurs due to transmission of infection and also because of various other factors. The inflamed bronchial tubes lead to breathing issues. Thus, you must not ignore the signs of asthma in the babies.