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Mental illness which affect children

Mental illnesses which affect children

Children get affected easily by any disturbing situations. Anxiety in children seems quite common because it happens whenever a child faces any types of disturbed situation and trauma. We should be well aware of those illnesses which badly affect them.

Common Things Mentally Strong People Always Do

Common Things Mentally Strong People Always Do

Do you know your mental strength can help you stay physically strong? Mentally strong people are always surrounded with positivity. There are few things mentally strong people do which anyone would love to adapt.

Some Common Post-Pregnancy Side Effects

Some Common Post-Pregnancy Side Effects

Pregnancy has its after effects too. You will notice few changes arriving into your life. During this, you will experience strange behaviours which you are not used to. These are called post-pregnancy side effects.

What Are The Symptoms Which Indicate You To Go For Pregnancy Test

What Are The Symptoms Which Indicate You To Go For Pregnancy Test

The missing period is not the single time you should go for a pregnancy test, but there are various other factors can make you pregnant. Few of the situations definitely call for a pregnancy test. So, you should be always aware of those facts and symptoms which indicate you to go for pregnancy test.

Can women get pregnant during periods

Can women get pregnant during periods

One can get pregnant during their periods. If your period cycle is not completing the expected 28-30 days and you start bleeding before the expected date. there are chances of getting pregnant. It is all about understanding the cycle clearly.

Amazing Things Spiritual People Do

Amazing Things Spiritual People Do

Spirituality does not require you to go to the religious places. It requires your soul to be pure and kind. If you love to lead a spiritual life then you should follow these practices written below in the article.

Tips to manage everything before your baby arrives

Tips to manage everything before your baby arrives

all the best for your parentwood! Make small differences in your living room, bathroom and definitely baby’s room before your baby arrives. And know what are the other ways to manage everything during pregnancy.

A brief guide to practice different types of meditation

A brief guide to practice different types of meditation

Meditation is not only sitting in a yoga posture but a lot more than that. There are many types of meditations which focus on increasing concentration, creativity, mindfulness and so on. Thus, you should be aware of the facts and guidlines of different types of meditation.

meditation can help you to have better sleep

Meditation can help you to have better sleep

Sleep disorder is a common problem among many of us. Meditation is the best way to tackle this situation. It calms down your mind and bestow you peace. So you need to know how does meditation help you to better sleep.

Why practising meditation is helpful

Why practicing meditation is helpful

Meditation is something which is essential to keep our mental health stronger. It has various benefits in every aspect of human life. Let us know about the benefits we can get from meditation.