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Works at She is an artist, actor, and writer. A sheer Bengali in all the possible ways. Adoring both Tagore and Floyd is not intractable for her.

Being unfaithful without realising

Ways You Are Being Unfaithful To Your Partner Without Realising

Being unfaithful to your partner without realising can later bring bigger problems. There are many ways you are killing your relationship and proving yourself as an unfaithful partner. You just need to know about these signs and have to save your relationship.

Cortisol, Signs You Have Excessive Cortisol

Cortisol: Signs You Have Excessive Cortisol

Cortisol is a stress hormone and it can bring many health complications. That is why you should always be aware of the signs which say that you have way too much cortisol level in your body.

Surround Yourself With Good Friends

How to Surround Yourself With Good Friends

How to Surround Yourself With Good Friends is a big question. You can not recognise easily who is your good friend and who is standing with a knife at the back of you. That is why you should make sure you surround yourself with good friends.