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Works at She is an artist, actor, and writer. A sheer Bengali in all the possible ways. Adoring both Tagore and Floyd is not intractable for her.

Which Food Items Have No Expiry

Which Food Items Have No Expiry Date

Foods which have no expiry are good to keep in your storages. You can invest once on them and can consume them for huge long years. Hence, you all shoudl be be aware of these foods.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Raw Mango

What Are The Health Benefits Of Raw Mango

Do you know that raw mangoes have more health benefits than ripe mangoes? You all should be aware of the health benefits of raw mangoes as it is extremely beneficial for our health.

What Are The Signs Say That You Have Vitamine A Dificiency

What Are The Signs That You Have Vitamin A Deficiency

Vitamin A is an extremely important nutrient in our body. It affects our eyes, skin and definitely bones. That is why before the situation turns worse, you all should know about the signs of vitamin A deficiency on your body.

How To Reduce Wisdom Tooth Pain At Home

How To Reduce Wisdom Tooth Pain At Home

The arrival of the wisdom tooth makes people suffer from immense pain and irritation. Many people prefer to visit a doctor as this tooth always grows inside the gum area. But you use some effective home remedies once, you will not go to doctors anymore for this.