Debika chakraborty

Works at She is an artist, actor, and writer. A sheer Bengali in all the possible ways. Adoring both Tagore and Floyd is not intractable for her.

How To Balance Your Mind, Body & Soul

How To Balance Your Mind, Body & Soul

Do you know, to keep both of your mental and physical health well, you require balancing your mind, body and soul. This is the ultimate key to stay happy.

Which Fruits Help You In Faster Growth of Hair

Which Fruits Help You In Faster Growth of Hair

Fruits are the best solution to solve hair growth problems. There are many fruits which have vitamin A, C and E present inside it. So, why not consuming them and get the best benefits for hair growth.

What Are The Signs Say That He Is A Serial Cheater

What Are The Signs Which Say That He Is A Serial Cheater

Cheating in a relationship is not a mistake, it is almost equal to the crime. There i a belief that says, ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater’which might become true. So, if you think that your boyfriend is a serial cheater, you have to know about the obvious signs.

How To Make Vegetable Peel Facial At Home

How To Make Vegetable Peel Facial At Home

Vegetable peel facial has a lot of beauty benefits. From providing strong anti-oxidants to supplying vitamin inside your skin, it has various beauty benefits. Use it and then believe it.

How Maditation Makes You A Nicer Person

How Meditation Makes You A Nicer Person

When life becomes harder to deal with and you lose all the hopes and better opportunities, you need to practise meditation. From relieving your stress to making you a stronger person mentally, mediation overall makes you a better and a nicer person.