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Is Applying Kajal To Your Baby’s Eyes Safe

Is Applying Kajal To Your Baby’s Eyes Safe

If you are in a dilemma for applying kajal to your babies’ eyes, you have to be a little alert and should be aware of the side effects. You can not do anything which harms your baby, no matter how hard your parents and elders ask you to do this.

Why Every Pregnant Women Should Eat Paneer

Why Should Every Pregnant Woman Eat Paneer

Eating paneer during pregnancy can be great for health. It not just provides a lot of calcium and phosphorous for strengthening the bone but it can aid the baby’s growth too.

What Are The Things Not To Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship

Which things must one not tell friends about their relationship

Get it clear that, you cannot discuss everything about your relationship with your friends and vice-versa. These are few things about your relationship that are extremely personal and they should be kept hidden from everyone else. Discussing them with others can ruin your love life easily.

How To Tell Your Boyfriend That You Want To Get Engaged

How To Tell Your Boyfriend That You Want To Get Engaged

If you want to tell your man that you want to get engaged, you should not tell him clearly about it. If he is not really interested in getting engaged to you then it will be difficult for both of you to come out of a relationship. So, it is always better to drop some hints gradually about it.

How Toxic Relationship Can Affect You

How Toxic Relationship Can Affect You

A toxic relationship can affect a person badly. It does not only harm you emotionally but physically too. If you are also having such relationship, you should get out of it as soon as possible otherwise its side effects will make you suffer from various issues.

How To Overcome Social Anxiety

How To Overcome Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be frustrating. People who suffer from this problem generally face fear and sheer nervousness while socialising. That is why they tend to remain alone and depressed.