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Works at She is an artist, actor, and writer. A sheer Bengali in all the possible ways. Adoring both Tagore and Floyd is not intractable for her.

How To Burn Calories After Excessive Eating

How To Burn Calories After Excessive Eating

The worst part of excessive eating is the calorie you gain after it. When you eat excessive food the calories you intake is much higher than the calories you have lost in last few days. That is why you have to burn those extra calories after eating much.

What Are The Whole Grains You Should Add To Your Diet

Which Whole Grains You Should Add To Your Diet

You may think of eating refined carbohydrates but you can not miss adding natural carbohydrates like whole wheat, oats, barley, corn etc. in your diet. You always need fuel to make your body work better. These whole grain foods work the same for the body.

Which Exercises To Avoid During Pregnancy

Which Exercises A Pregnant Woman Should Avoid Doing

Pregnancy requires a lot of cautions. Exercising during pregnancy is important but it is necessary to know which exercises are healthy and which exercises one must avoid doing during pregnancy. It is all about keeping the baby safe during workouts.