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Works at She is an artist, actor, and writer. A sheer Bengali in all the possible ways. Adoring both Tagore and Floyd is not intractable for her.

Chia seeds during pregnancy

Chia Seeds: Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds During Pregnancy

Chia Seeds During Pregnancy is a great choice for the mother and for the development of the baby. From developing the brain of the baby to giving energy to the mother, chia seeds have various health benefits during pregnancy.

partner not ready to get married

What To Do If Your Partner Is Not Ready To Get Married

Partner Not Ready To Get Married: This situation can bring many complications in a relationship. But, if you both love each other truly, you can try some positive and healthy way to make them ready to get married.

Make A Homemade Facial Cleanser

Homemade beauty tips: How To Make A Homemade Facial Cleanser

Many people can not use commercial brands as they harm skin cuticles. In fact, many cleanser brands use bleaching components which makes the skin appear saggy and it loses the natural oil. So, is there any option left to clean the skin rather than using soaps?

Smart Mom Ideas, Hacks to be a Smart Mom

Smart Mom Ideas: Easy Hacks That Help You Be A Smart Mother

Smart Mom Ideas: These days mothers are mostly working which make them come across a lot of problems while taking care of the baby. That is why, being a smart mother can help them to manage your work, family and the baby altogether.

Signs your best friend is jealous of you

Signs Your Best Friend Is Jealous Of You

Signs Your Best Friend Is Jealous Of You: If you think that your best friend has started feeling jealous of you, you need to know about some sure shot signs.

Old time home remedies, home rmemdies which we have forgotten

Home remedies: Effective home remedies which needs to be back again

Old Time Effective Home Remedies are almost forgotten by us. But the benefits we get from the natural remedies is certainly amazing. Sometimes going for the natural way gives us better solution and result. That is why bringing back these old time effective remedies are the best idea for mankind.