how to exercise when you have cold and flu

How to exercise when you have cold and flu

The fitness enthusiasts always stick to there workout routine and never skip the workout session. Unfortunately, sometimes the health condition puts them in the state confusion that whether they continue to workout or not.

use hydrogen peroxide nails fungus

How to use hydrogen peroxide for nails fungus

The fungus in the nails reduces your beauty. The colour of the nails becomes yellow, swollen or broken due to the fungus. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove it. It removes fungus from the nails in a quick and effective way.

how to reduce inflammation with 15 minute yoga

How to reduce Inflammation with 15-Minute Yoga

To sustain thyroid balance yoga is very beneficial. Practicing yoga regular for 15 minutes creates a sense of calm in the body, supports liver detoxification, delivers fresh oxygen to the brain, and purifies the blood which all help to keep thyroid balance.

daily habits can cause acne

What are the daily habits can cause acne

The person gets acne due to some unhealthy habits that we do every day.All these habits lead to the development of acne and it can also ruin the beauty of your skin. It would be better to leave these habits to get flawless skin.