Four Yoga Postures Which Promote Hair Growth

Due to extreme lifestyle, environment changes, hair loss has become a very common problem. It is a very serious issue as no one wants to become bald. But don’t worry, you can promote hair growth by practising yoga postures.

Surprising Causes Of Weight Gain

Seven Surprising Causes Of Weight Gain

It is very important to take precautionary measure if you gain an extra pound, it may be the sign of health issues. If you gain weight around your belly, it may be dangerous for your health.

ways to improve human growth hormone

Effective ways to improve Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone plays a very important role in children for promoting growth while in adults the hormone is responsible for numerous maintenance tasks like maintaining cholesterol levels, etc.

exercise to make calf muscles-strong

Exercises to make calf muscles strong

The calves are important and essential for almost all movements, so focusing on these muscles during training can help you to avoid unnecessary injuries and pains. If your calves are strong you’ll be able to move better, faster and smarter.

ten best anti aging superfoods

Ten Best Anti-Aging Superfoods

It is well-known fact that poor nutrition contributes to premature ageing, whereas a healthy diet provides your body with essential nutrients to keep your organs in good working condition.

ways to avoid workout injuries

Five Ways To Avoid Workout Injuries

It is most important to keep injuries at bay to achieve fitness goals. However, anyone can sustain injuries, it may be doing the right activity too much or too often or doing the right activity in a wrong way.

body weight exercises to stay fit and healthy

Body weight exercises to stay fit and healthy

You can easily practice plenty of exercise at home by using your body weight. If you are regular gym visitor and want to take a break then this exercise is very effective for you as it helps to maintain muscle mass.

Yoga Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight

Yoga Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight

Due to the busy schedule majority of people forget to take care of the eyes. But don’t worry, now you can improve your eyesight without visiting an ophthalmologist or without using contact lenses and glasses.

How to get ripped physique like Vidyut Jamwal

How to get ripped physique like Vidyut Jamwal

Vidyut Jamwal has been fitness freak since childhood and learned martial art training during his childhood. He always tries new techniques for fitness so, he can stay focused and get better results.