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Ice cubes can help you get rid of open pores on your face

Ice cubes can help you get rid of open pores on your face

Open pores are extremely small holes which appear on our face. The natural oil which the skin generates passes through these pores thus causing the dirt gather in the pores. But there are few effective ways to get away from this trouble with just an ice cube.

How bad sleep can make you to gain weight

How bad sleep can lead to gain weight

Weight gain happens while you miss sleeping because of the balance of Grehlin hormones which gets affected leading to an overstimulation. These hormones produced during our sleep are necessary for the internal functioning of the body.

Reasons why walking is beneficial to our body

Reasons why walking is beneficial to our body

If you feel stressed out very often, try to walk every day for some time, you will find relief. Walking can control various hormones that produce stress in the mind. Start walking and find a partner to walk with.

Things you should keep in mind while working out

Things you should keep in mind while working out

You would have to change the way you cook. Use roasted chicken, boiled potatoes instead of fried chicken and chips if you want to reduce weight. Increase the physical activities and do resistance exercises such as heavyweights.

Taking loofah bath can be harmful too

Taking loofah bath can be harmful too

The infections caused by loofah can be seen in many ways. It can harbour bacteria and germs thus pose serious health threats. So it is always advised to buy loofahs that are made of natural substances.

Reasons why you should not use soap on your face

Reasons why you should not use soap on your face

Soap is basic in nature which damages the skin. It also contains many other harmful substances. It could be one such wrong products which can make your face a dull one as it ontain certain harsh chemicals.

Five Tips To Control Hair Fall

Five Tips To Control Hair Fall

Hair fall is common among people who use chemical products and hard water very often. It leads the condition of the hair to go down. And don’t be very casual while selecting hair styling products. 

Important tips to remove razor burns

Important tips to remove razor burns

Bad shaving could be a reason which leads to the razor burns. It’s better to shave in the morning like many of us do as the skin has been resting all the night. And then rinse your face with cold water.

How to go spiritual in modern ways

How to go spiritual in modern ways

Pick someone you admire much and make him your guide, no matter if he is a historical figure, a fictional one, a celebrity or a family member, go catch him. Tell people why you like them and how they make your life better.